List of best quality bus from Phu Tho to Hanoi

Passenger bus from Phu Tho to Hanoi – With a distance of more than 100km from Phu Tho to Hanoi, the current travel is very convenient, with the location about 50km from Noi Bai airport, there are very Many of the garages running this route such as limousines, passenger cars with beds, seats … to give people more choices, Megacar s will update the list of houses The best quality car from Phu Tho to Hanoi today.

Viet Phuong garage

Introduction of the garage

Viet Phuong garage is the first garage in this list. , is one of the famous bushouses to Yen Bai and Phu Tho is the point on the highway passing on the highway, so you will pick up and drop off at kilometers on Noi Bai – Lao Cai expressway with seats and 40 beds. place. With the frequency of continuous trips during the day from morning to night at the two major bus stations Yen Nghia and My Dinh and it takes about 3 hours to get to the bus is quite convenient, just go to the bus station to pick up the car and house. The car has received more goods at the station.

Vehicle schedule

Departure time

  • In Phu Tho:

– Bed car: 7h55 | 10h55 | 18h46 | 06h50 | 18h21 | 11h40 | 07h35 | 11h20 | 07h15 | 19h26 | 12h00 | 19h06

– Car seats: 07h20 – 23h25

  • In Hanoi

– Bed car: 09h46 | 10h45 | 14h30 | 20h45

– Car seats: 10h00 | 11h00 | 09h15 | 13h15 | 13h16 | 16h15 | 13h46 | 13h45 | 17h05 | 14h15 | 09h45 |

Frequency of trip : 30 minutes / trip

Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

  • In Phu Tho:

– Phu Tho area: KM 67 Noi Bai Expressway – Lao Cai

– Region Sai Nga: KM 79 Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway

– Ha Hoa area: KM 98 Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway

– Viet Tri area: KM 49 Noi highway Bai – Lao Cai

  • In Hanoi

– Yen Nghia bus station: Highway 6, Phu Lam

– My Dinh bus station: No. 20 Pham Hung, My Dinh 2

Time to travel transfer : 2h10 – 3h25

Ticket price : 70,000 – 100,000 VND / ticket (depending on the pick-up point)

Contact booking : Megacar .

Hanoi Limo Garage

Introducing the garage

Ha Noi Limo garage is one of the fairly prestigious garage on the fixed route from Phu Tho to Ha Interior and opposite of the 9-seater limousine with the most luxurious class today. With the huge limousines put into use, all new cars with high-end amenities, the car runs continuously with a lot of trips during the day from early morning to late afternoon, so everyone wants to move when they need to just call Electricity for ticket booking means that there is an instant car without long wait at a reasonable price and with the limousine line, there is no situation of catching passengers along the way.

Vehicle travel schedule

Departure time:

  • In Phu Tho : 5:00 – 18:00
  • In Hanoi: 07:30 – 20:30

Trip frequency : 1 hour / trip

Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

  • At Phu Tho

– Hung Vuong University – Facility 2: Phu Tho Town

– Crossroad July 27: Phu Tho Town

– Phu Tho Town: pay off the 2km radius

– Dinh Thuy Photo Shop: Zone 5, Thanh Ba Town

– Viet Hoang Guest House: Zone 4 , Thanh Ba town

– Thanh Ba hospital gate: Area 11, Thanh Ba town

– Salt warehouse junction, Thanh Ba

– Vo Lao primary school gate: DT311, Vo Lao, Thi Thanh Ba town

– Khai Xuan junction: Zone 11, Thanh Ba town

– Km 5: Thanh Ba town

– Dong Thanh crossroad: Dong Thanh town

– Zone 4 town n thanh ba

– Transshipment 2km radius from Block 4, Thanh Ba center, outside the distance, 10k / 1km, groups of 5 or more passengers, free to pay to take place at Thanh Ba TT

  • In Hanoi [19659014] – Cau Giay Park, Thanh Thai, Dich Vong, Cau Giay

    – The Cafe N04 B1 – Cau Giay Park

    – Icon 4 Tower Building: No. 243A La Thanh, Dong Da

    – 50 Vo Chi Cong, Nghia Do, Cau Giay

    – Highlands Coffee Fivimart Tay Ho: Alley 689 Lac Long Quan, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho

    Travel time : 1h30 – 2h [19659015] Ticket price : 150,000VND – 160,000VND / ticket (depending on point of return)

    Contact the ticketing operator : Megacar .

    Ha Tung Vip Garage

    Introducing the garage

    Another limousine that I want to introduce to everyone is the Vip Ha garage Tung With a professional attentive service style with a team of enthusiastic and enthusiastic staff to bring everyone the most comfortable trip with the modern luxury 9-seat limousine, multi-point shuttle in the center for guests Convenient to pick up the car, on the car everyone is served drinking water, cold towels, wifi, phone charging port … with a team of drivers with many years of experience and when getting on the car, all passengers are insured passenger.

    Vehicle travel schedule

    Departure time

    • At Phu Tho : 03h00 | 04h00 | 05h00 | 09h00 | 14h00
    • In Hanoi : 09h00 | 11h00 | 12h00 | 15h00 | 16h00 | 17h00

    Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

    • At Phu Tho

    – Hung Vuong Phu Tho University, 200 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Phu Tho

    – IC 9 toll booth, Highway 05, Phu Tho

    – Son Cuong Commune, Thanh Ba, Phu Tho

    – Do Xuyen Commune, Thanh Ba, Phu Tho

    – Do Son Commune, Thanh Ba, Phu Tho

    – Chi Chu, Thanh Ba , Phu Tho

    – Thanh Ha Commune, Thanh Ba, Phu Tho

    – Phu Tho Town: 262 Tan Thanh

    – Thanh Minh Commune

    • In Hanoi
      – Back Gate of Bach University Khoa, Tran Dai Nghia street
      – CV Cau Giay, Thanh Thai street
      – Vo Chi Cong street, Tay Ho
      – Vinmart Nhat Tan supermarket, Alley 689, Lac Long Quan street, Tay Ho
      – University of Transport, No. 3 Cau Giay Road
      – BigC Thang Long, 222 Tran Duy Hung
      – Lang Road
      – Giai Phong Street
      – So Crossroads
      – Road Truong Chinh
      – Thong Park Nhat
      – Central Circus, No. 67-69 Tran Nhan Tong, Hai Ba Trung
      – Vincom Ba Trieu, No. 191 Ba Trieu
      – Hanoi Opera House, No. 1 Trang Tien. [19659043] Travel time
      : 1h25 – 1h40

      Ticket price : 120,000vnd / ticket

      Contact the operator to book tickets : Megacar .

      Gia Khanh bed garage

      Introduction of the garage

      If you want to find the bed car to go from Phu Tho to Hanoi then Gia Khanh garage is an additional choice on your list with high quality 40 seater bed car, car does not run from Phu Tho but only a pick up point on the way of the garage with Fixed schedule from Mong Cai to Yen Bai, with a pick up schedule suitable for everyone along NH32 and will pick up along this highway, so if you need to book tickets, please take a look at the points of the garage to choose the most suitable car route. [19659015]

      Departure schedule

      Departure time

      • At Phu Tho : 18h40
      • In Hanoi: 23h50

      Pick up and drop off point at 2 points [19659013] In Phu Tho:
      – Thu Cuc intersection (Thu Cuc gas station), NH32, Tan Son, Phu Tho

      – Along Highway 32
    • In Hanoi:
      – Ba Vi Hospital , QL32
      – My Dinh bus station
      – Son Tay bus station

    Travel time : 2:05 – 3h05

    Ticket price : 150,000 VND / ticket

    Contact the booking operator : Megacar .

    Tu Beo garage

    Introducing the garage

    The Tu Beo garage with the forerunner of Dung Beo garage is a 30-seat ordinary car garage running a fixed route from Phu Tho to Hanoi every day with a number of trips of 2 trips, it takes about 3 hours to travel by car but when riding a seat Sitting will not make you feel tired because the garage is all new, with the spacious seats that are quite smooth and comfortable. The air-conditioned space works continuously but also has wifi access at extremely low prices to save you some money.

    Vehicle travel schedule

    Departure time

    • At Phu Tho : 12:00
    • In Hanoi : 16h40

    Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

    • In Phu Tho:
      – Phu Tho office: Van Mieu Market (near People's Committee of Van Mieu commune)
    • In Hanoi:
      – My Dinh bus station

    Travel time : 2:50

    Ticket price : 55,000vnd / ticket

    Contact the ticketing operator : 0983 615 583 .

    Nhat Minh bed garage

    Introduction of the garage

    Nhat Minh garage is a bed garage running exclusively from Phu Tho to Hai Phong and vice versa with 4 daily trips and The return point in Hanoi is on the way through the bus, the bus station at Lam Thao Bus Station with a lot of bed cars and good quality, Nhat Minh garage always tries to bring customers comfortable trips. and a team of professional and enthusiastic staff The ticket price is relatively cheap, in addition to transporting passengers, the garage accepts fast freight continuously during the day and receives goods at the bus station.

    Vehicle travel schedule

    Departure time

    • At Phu Tho : 14:00

    Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

    • In Phu Tho:
      ] – Lam Thao Bus Station
      – Lam Thao Supe Gate
      – Co Tiet – Phong Chau Bridge
    • In Hanoi:
      – Dong Tru Bridge
      – Noi Bai Crossroad
      – Agriculture Academy, Trau Quy town

    Travel time : around 2:50

    Ticket price : 70,000VND / ticket

    Contact booking switchboard : 0210 3738 535 .

    Sao Viet bed garage

    Introduce the garage

    Sao Viet passenger car is one of the The car company was born for a long time and is a car company that is familiar to everyone on the way to Sapa or Lao Cai with 40-seat luxury bed car and new 22-seat cabin cabin with the main route running overhead. Noi Bai – Lao Cai expressway, so the pick up and drop off point in Phu Tho will be the station stop on the highway. With the number of trips per day, the booking is quite easy, every time you can arrange the job, you can book a car immediately and the fare will be calculated according to the point you get on the bus, so the ticket price is quite suitable compared to the car manufacturers. online service.

    Vehicle travel schedule

    Departure time

    • At Phu Tho : 02h20 | 02h05 | 21h20 | 13h05 | 11h05
    • In Hanoi : 11h00 | 21h20 | 22h30

    Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

    • In Phu Tho:
      – Km 69-98 Noi Bai Expressway – Lao Cai – Phu Tho Area (KM 69-98)
      – KM 50 -68 Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway – Phu Tho Region
    • In Hanoi:
      – Office 789 Giai Phong
      – Office 7 Pham Van Dong

    Travel time : about 2 hours – 2h30

    Ticket price : 100,000VND / ticket

    Contact the booking operator : 1900 6746 . 19659195]

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