List of bus from Hau Giang to Binh Duong with the best quality

Hau Giang bus Binh Duong Binh Duong is a province located in the Northeastern region with its position as one of the most well-developed economic – cultural provinces of the whole country. water, is the gateway connecting trade with Ho Chi Minh City along with a convenient arterial intersection connecting two important national highways 13 and 14, Ho Chi Minh road … .. in economic development and In Binh Duong, there are also many tourist attractions, weekend entertainment with family such as Dai Nam, Thuy Chau and Din Ky tourist resorts; Phu My and Song Be golf courses; Phu An bamboo village.

You are looking for garage moving from Hau Giang to Binh Duong but do not know where to take the car and do not know if it is close to your point? Travel time will take more than 4 hours, so it is necessary to choose the most suitable time, so megacar will update the list of the latest garage from Hau Giang to Binh Duong along with the time frame. the car runs so that you can actively arrange the time.

Ut Van bed garage

Introduction of the Ut Van bed car

The Ut Van bed car is one of the famous garage in the region. West with a daily route from Bac Lieu to Binh Duong and vice versa, the pick up point at Hau Giang is on Highway 1a right on the main road, so it is very convenient. The garage offers the most modern luxury 40-seat bed car line, always invested and continuously improved so that customers can use the best services and always operate with the desire "Guest row is the fulcrum that creates the prestige of the garage “.

The bed car lines of Ut Van always commit to ensure full quality with modern standards, the beds are Designed and equipped with standard amenities, large beds with blankets, clean blankets, front plastic tray for storage, full drinking water, good sunshade curtains with the system continuous operation of air conditioning helps the space of the vehicle to be clear.

Vehicle schedule

Departure time

  • In Hau Giang : 07h15 | 20h45
  • At Binh Duong : 09:00

Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

  • In Hau Giang

– Bus Station of Nga 7 Town, QL1A

  • In Binh Duong

– Phu Chanh bus station: Pham Van Dong, Phu Chanh, Tan Uyen, Binh Duong

Travel time : 6 am

Ticket price : 120,000 VND / ticket

] Contact the booking operator : 1900 88 86 84 .

Duy Thao bed garage

Introducing the garage

Duy garage Thao is a newly born garage operating on the daily route from Hau Giang to Binh Duong, and put into use is the newest bed car fully imported completely so the quality is good, all are guaranteed. said that the new car is accompanied by a professional garage service attitude, dedicated customer support to make customers feel most satisfied, so even though the garage has just put into operation, it has been loved by many customers and trust, will qu She continues to use the service of the garage.

The garage runs every day with 1 trip at the two ends, the bus leaves in the afternoon so it is quite convenient to arrive at night, the car runs at the correct speed to ensure safety for customers and the garage to pick up passengers on the passing point, the driver made an appointment so as not to miss the trip.

The schedule of the car

The departure time

  • At Hau Giang : 17h00

Pick up and drop off at 2 points

  • At Hau Giang

– Vi Thanh bus station: Tran Hung Dao, Ward 5

  • In Binh Duong

– Phu Chanh bus station: Pham Van Dong, Phu Chanh, Tan Uyen, Binh Duong

Travel time : 6:30

Ticket price : 150,000 VND / ticket

Contact the operator to book tickets : 0903169180 .

Huu Nghia seat garage

Introduction of the garage

Huu Nghia garage is the ordinary car seat If you are wanting to ride the seat from H If you go to Binh Duong, please save it in your notebook, with the number of seats is 29 seats and the car is a new car, fully equipped by the garage to make the trip of passengers when coming to the garage is satisfied. Hua Nghia garage is quite familiar to everyone who is considered a prestigious garage, when you come to the garage you will feel that the quality of the car is the same as the advertisement of the garage, the car with quiet seats, There is a protective seat belt with a well-functioning fan system so every time you get on the car, you will find the car atmosphere comfortable, there is Wifi and the driver is happy so if you go to Binh Duong for the first time, you do not know the way, you can ask me

Vehicle travel schedule

Departure time

  • At Hau Giang : 15:00
  • In Binh Duong : 04h30

Pick up and drop off at 2 points [19659019] In Hau Giang

– Long My office, Long My town

  • In Binh Duong

– An Phu bus station: 9 Lien Huyen, An Phu, Thuan An, Binh Duong.

Time travel : 4:45

Ticket price : 120,000 VND / ticket

Contact the booking operator : 0918 578 591 . 19659068]

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