List of bus from Nghe An to Lai Chau with the best quality

Nghe An Lai Chau passenger car Lai Chau is a tourist destination known to many tourists for its majestic high mountains, fresh cool climate with dishes Delicious food with bold flavors of the region will be a tourist destination to explore and adventure not to be missed for you. With a long distance of 684km from Nghe An to Lai Chau, which is the distance you want to learn and it takes more than 15 hours to drive, the car will go straight without having to change the bus to two stages, so it is very convenient for commuters. , go to work or visit relatives… ..and today Megacar will update the family bed car from Nghe An to Lai Chau for the best today.

Viet Anh bed garage (Lai Chau)

Introduction of the garage

Viet Anh garage (Lai Chau) is a bed garage that runs fixed routes from Nghe An to Lai Chau and vice versa With a continuous daily schedule, Viet Anh garage is a garage that is not unfamiliar to everyone in the province. Every time you want to go to Vinh in Nghe An, people immediately think of the Vietnamese garage. Brother. To be known so much is the daily effort of the garage to bring customers the safest and most comfortable trips with good quality bed car, funny driver, enthusiastic driving. It is safe and the car runs quite smoothly, the bus leaves on time and rarely picks up passengers along the road.

The bed car of Viet Anh garage is a high-class 40-seater car invested in all new cars with good quality. With full amenities in the car with full blankets always clean, the bed can recline very conveniently, free drinking water and the fare is not too competitive.

Vehicle schedule

Hours bus departure

  • At Nghe An : 14:00
  • At Lai Chau : 18h30

Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

  • In Nghe An

– Bac Vinh bus station: Hamlet 1 Nghi Kim, Vinh, Nghe An

  • At Lai Chau

– Lai Chau bus station: Tan Phong ward, Lai Chau

Travel time : 15h15

Ticket price : 5 00,000 VND / ticket

Contact the ticketing operator : Megacar .

Thao Nguyen bed garage

Introduction of the garage

The garage Thao Nguyen is one of the next prestigious garage participating on this route, you can trust when choosing a garage because the garage always wants the most comfortable, comfortable trip with quality. The number of vehicles is the same as other cars, the bus leaves in the afternoon at Bac Vinh bus station, so the morning is quite suitable to be able to go to Lai Chau and it is special for Thao Nguyen garage to be loved by customers. The polite and professional garage staff always cares and supports customers.

The bus schedule

Departure time

  • In Nghe An : 13h35

Pick up and drop off point at 2 points

  • In Nghe An

– Vinh bus station: No. 77 Le Loi, Hung Binh Ward

  • In Lai Chau

– Than Uyen bus station: QL32, TT. Than Uyen, h. Than Uyen, Lai Chau

Travel time : 15h20

Ticket price : 450,000 VND / ticket

Contact the operator to book tickets : 0978 991 992

Some famous tourist places in Lai Chau

City Administration Center

This is the administrative place of the province that attracts many tourists to visit here because of its unique, beautiful, spacious architecture, about 5 hectares wide with the front of the people's square and the center of the association. Cultural conference by green grass, clean asphalt road and residential areas are planned.

O Quy Ho Pass

It is the most beautiful pass when traveling to reach Lai Chau with a 50km long pass between the two provinces border of Lao Cai and Lai Chau, but most of the pass lies towards Tam Duong. Lai Chau, with its majestic natural scenery, will not disappoint you when conquering O Quy Ho Pass.

Chu Va Peak

Located on the road from Tram Ton (Sa Pa) toward Lai Chau about 10km, running along the road of O Quy Ho Pass, Chu Va Peak will appear with a very unique shape, but This pass is not suitable for exploring because the road is quite slippery, lots of moss.

Muong Than Field

Belonging to Than Uyen district, connecting to the road of Mu Cang Chai and Yen Bai districts along NH32, the vast Muong Than field stretches endlessly like a simple and peaceful sea-water painting. Each time the wet season, the Muong Than field looks like alternating shimmering colors, the main rice season brightens the whole sky with the yellow color of rice.

Sin Ho Plateau

Sin Ho plateau is like the roof of Lai Chau province, where access is a bit difficult, is home to about 15 ethnic groups and about 1,500 meters from sea level. Sin Ho Plateau appeared with high mountains in succession, going deep in the villages hidden in the cliffs such as Pu Dao, Ta Ghenh, Hoang Ho, Ta Phin, Phang Xo Lin interwoven between green patches of mountains and forests.

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