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Passenger bus from Thai Nguyen to Dien Bien – Dien Bien currently has more than a dozen beautiful and wild tourist destinations that are extremely beautiful and moving tourists are the destination for many tourists today. . Coming here, visitors not only can explore the very beautiful natural scenery such as Muong Thanh field, Pa Khoang lake, Hua Pe hot spring, Muong Lay town, Hang Tom bridge,…. But the specialties here are also a highlight to keep customers when coming to Dien Bien to travel.

With a long 13-hour journey, it will definitely be a concern for tourists. when you want to move from Thai Nguyen to Dien Bien. To help customers' trip become more perfect here, Megacar would like to introduce to you the top of the most trusted garage that customers use.

Garage Xuan Long

Gi 19659005] i thi e Xuan Long garage

With 20 luxury rooms design, Xuan Long garage with spacious rooms will bring customers 1 cover. experience extremely comfortable. With the strong development of the transportation industry, the 20-seat limousine line in long-distance travel is the car of choice for customers.

U e i to mc incubated a Xuan Long garage.

  • With a design of 20 high-class rooms, divided equally to 2 floors, extremely spacious and comfortable.
  • The bed is covered with high-quality leather, deep color gamut creates a cozy
  • LED lighting system is placed with the most advanced cover
  • With a wide window, you can comfortably admire the natural scenery 2
  • Two side curtains are set of high quality, good UV protection
  • High-speed wifi lid, guests can enjoy playing games to surf the web.
  • Each bed is free. TV set cover, guests can choose their own favorite programs.
  • Fully equipped: water, cold towels, blankets, charging socket, … .. guests can use completely free.
  • Yes n book reservations in advance.
  • Support to receive and consignment of goods to help customers.

L 1965 program in in ] a garage Xuan Long.

Thai Nguyen => Dien Bien

Frequency: 1 trip / day

Travel time: 13 hours (estimated time, depends in traffic density and drop off location)

Departure time: 18h30

Pick up address: Thai Nguyen Central Bus Station (Alley 398 Thong Nhat, Dong Quang)

Return address: Bus station Dien Bien (Muong Thanh Ward)

Dien Bien => Thai Nguyen

Frequency: 1 trip / day

Travel time: 13 hours (estimated time, depending on density traffic and drop off location)

Departure time: 8:00 PM

Pick up address: Dien Bien bus station (Muong Thanh ward)

Return address: Thai Nguyen Central Bus Station (Alley 398 Thong Nhat , Dong Quang)

Ticket price

From: 600,000 VND / ticket

S to to i phone i to or tv ] é

Contact: Megacar

Dien Bien Tourism Review

Let megacar lead you to tourist destinations in Dien Bien that are most visited by customers.

  • Muong Thanh Field This is one of the largest fields in the Northwest. Muong Thanh fields running along the bank of Nam Rom river spread out like a flower petal embracing historical relics of the previous battle. Coming here, visitors will be amazed at the beautiful natural landscape and the richness of this place. Muong Thanh field is immense with terraced fields creating a beautiful natural picture. At a different time, you can watch the rice field with a beautiful ticket in each period, until autumn or rice.

  • Pa Khoang is located in the middle of a natural area with majestic beauty, hidden in the clouds and the sky. In the forest around the lake, the islands are abundant in birds, animals and flowers; Under the lake there are many species of fish and floating plants. Specifically, there are more than 700 species of plants belonging to the 4 branches of higher plants with many species of precious trees such as gibbon, chestnut, mulberry, green porridge, horn-milling, green bellies, flower slices, yellow heart, and broccoli. Pa Khoang lake is located in the middle of a majestic natural area, diverse topography, geomorphology, and fresh climate, very suitable for tourism, relaxation, picnic, discovery and research. In the winter, the fog covers the landscape, the lake surface creates a mysterious and attractive water-color painting.

Above are some garage and some beautiful scenes rated as the best by customers. Hopefully the article will help you in the upcoming travel. I wish you a happy trip !!!!!

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